About Us

Who are We ?

Badega Gunung Parang
We are just ordinary people who just have a dream and a life which is unusual in Parang Mountains.

From one village to another dream and our lives move like the wind that blows in between the walls of Mount Parang
If you want to know about us, came to Mount Parang, that's where all the story begins and possibly ends.

Our achievement is Badega Gunung Parang in Kampung Cihuni in 2013, and then when it is moving towards to Kampung Cirangkong in 2016, And we continue to move in the year 2017 to help develop the local community for tourism awareness, and a tourist spot in Desa Pasanggrahan successfully established that named is the Parangbong, a family park and traditional resort.
We probably will continue to move around the Parang Mountains.

We keep moving relentlessly to make the world more known Mount Parang at Purwakarta, Indonesia, which for decades had fallen asleep without any cares.

Who are we?

No need to know, because if you give the right hand, the left hand should not know.

And let when you typing on keyboard about Mount Parang, then that appears is the name is Badega Gunung Parang, not our names.

At Beginning 2018, we change our name into PADJAJARAN ANYAR !

2013 - 2018.