Bigwall Climbing Course

Rock Climbing Course

For those of you who have never been rock climbing or want to learn more climbing, we prepared a special program for you is The Bigwall Climbing Course.

In this special program, you will learn about a variety of rock climbing techniques and tips ranging from how to tie up the knots and even manage a small rock climbing expedition.
And not only there, in fact we teach you also how to vertical rescue if you or your partner had an accident on the cliffs.

Bigwall Climbing

How we teach you is a simple and we will direct you to practice on the walls of Mount Parang.
If you are looking for a way to the formal learning or course for rock climbing, honestly we say, not here the place

We are rock 'n roll guides and instructors, but still keep all around of us safe and tie up in the line.

But if you want to learn with relax and want to know more about rock climbing, here it is.

You will be guided by our instructors who are experienced in rock climbing, especially for bigwall, and a variety of techniques and ways of climbing will be shared with you in this course in a straightforward and complete.

Expedition Simulation

The Course material will be given to you to the following;

# Climbing for Dummy
# Knots for Climbing
# Tools for Climbing
# Lead & Belay
# Single & Multipitch Climbing
# Vertical Rescue
# Expedition Simulation

Bigwall Climbing

Still not satisfied, do not worry, we'll teach you to be, and in the end, we will invite you to simulate rock climbing expedition on Mount Parang.

Let's rock 'roll with us and contact our call center number (+62) 08787-470-8230 or email us