Rock Climbing

PERINGATAN: Pemanjatan Tebing dan Pendakian Gunung adalah kegiatan / olahraga yang berbahaya yang bisa menyebabkan kecelakaan fatal, bahkan kematian. 
Hanya orang-orang yang mempunyai keahlian / berpengalaman atau ditemani oleh pendaki / pemanjat / instruktur yang ahli / berpengalaman yang dapat melakukan olaraga / kegiatan ini.
Setiap orang  yang melakukan pendakian gunung / pemanjatan tebing dianggap mengerti, memahami dan bertanggung jawab terhadap semua resiko yang mungkin terjadi dalam kegiatan / olaraga ini.
BADEGA GUNUNG PARANG tidak bertanggung jawab atas segala resiko yang terjadi dalam bentuk apapun terhadapa aktifitas yang dilakukan para pendaki / pemanjat tebing di Gunung Parang.

WARNING: Climbing and Mountaineering are activities / dangerous sport that can lead to fatal accidents, and even death.
Only people who have expertise / experience or be accompanied by a climber / instructor who is an expert / experienced who can do this sport / activity.
Everyone who climb a mountain / rock climbing supposed to understand, comprehend and be responsible for all the risks involved in this sport / activity.
BADEGA GUNUNG PARANG not responsible for all the risks that occur in any form of activities conducted by climbers on Mount Parang.

East Face of Mount Parang

Rock Climbing at Mount Parang

Mount Parang, A giant andesite rock mountain that stands towering and has a height of approximately 900 meters from above sea level.

Mount Parang  is "The Park" or "The Mecca" of rock climbing in Indonesia.

This mount is becoming known in the world of Indonesia's rock climbing since 1980 where the rock climbing starting known as the sport for the first time in Indonesia.

West Face of Mount Parang
For any rock climbers, be incomplete if they have not tried to climbing and create a new route on Mount Parang.

Climbing on Mount Parang is different than climbing on another bigwall around the world. 
You will deal with hot weather, rainy day, rock surface, crag, and the beauty panoramic view.

Everything is here, of course no snow !

The Sport and Trad Route Available At Mount Parang

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Mount Parang has three main peaks, better known as the Tower 1, Tower 2 and Tower 3, and several small peaks there.

Various climbing route is available here, but the more popular climbing route is "240" in Tower 2. 
And also the climbing route "Bandung Rock" in Tower 3.

Beyond the climbing route, there are many other climbing these routes made by some team from around Indonesia and even internationally.
Tower 1 & Tower 2 of Gunung Parang

Even Mount Parang today routinely used by Indonesian Army's Special Forces every year as their training ground, and climbing arena for rock climbers from all over Indonesia, and International.

Currently some of the existing climbing route has installed bolts and a few more are still in need of the other gears such as piton and cam, some of other gears.

#climbing season

The Best Climbing season is the month of April to October, because it rarely rains, so it does not interfere with climbing.

But do not rule out the possibility of the weather can change at any time.

However you still climbing on Mount Parang on out the best climbing season, but you have to ready climbing on rainy day, or just wait one day rain, one day clear.

The important notes for all climbers, the patient need more here.

To climb Mount Parang, besides physical and mental preparation to be prepared, as well as the equipment and skills should be considered as well.

In addition, the safety factor should also be considered, as in the Mount Parang, everything possible is always the case, in addition to weather factors.

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